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What is the difference between a portrait and a caricature?


"A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.  A portrait often shows a person looking directly at the painter or photographer, in order to most successfully engage the subject with the viewer.

A caricature is an exaggerated portrait of a person or group in either a visual or literary form. Caricature is actually quite an ancient art, with some examples of caricature being thousands of years old, ranging from the plays of Aristophanes to the editorial pages of the local paper. This art form is quite diverse, with a number of famous practitioners throughout history, ranging from Leonardo Da Vinci to Thomas Nast. You can probably find an example of caricature in your vicinity, especially if you have a paper handy, because most political cartoons take advantage of caricature. One of the distinguishing features of caricature is the tendency to overemphasize well-known features of the subject. For example, someone who is famous for having a very distinctive nose might find the size of that nose grossly exaggerated in a caricature. Teeth, lips, and ears may also be blown out of proportion in a caricature, leading some people to call the resulting image grotesque or unpleasant.


 What kind of materials and sizes you work with?  Digital Painting also?


I work in all sizes and materials. Oil, acrylics, watercolor, charcoal/graphite, ink, mix media....and also digital. Paper, canvas, wall, plastic, Photoshop, Corel Painter, Artrage... With digital painting you can print on most surfaces, with the size you decide. No need for delivery taxes also. I need a caricaturist / portrait artist in my event, can you tell me the conditions? The conditions are set with the client. Minimum of 2h ( when the event is 50km far - 3h ) I just need a square area with 3x3m and two chairs, in the shadow or inside. All the material is included . From the event I need to know were, when, how long ( in hours ). Stand performance is possible, but more expensive.


How did you start drawing caricatures?


I draw and paint since I remember. I followed Arts all my life. Visual Arts Master Degree ( Painting ) - 1997 ( Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa ), after that I start practicing the art of caricature, and also my live performances as a caricaturist.


What is the difference between you and other caricaturists?


Well...different. This is not a industrial product but an artistic one. The best for you, is something you have to decide ( your preferences, price, quality, technique ...). Deal with a professional who can meet your needs in a professional way . But if you ask me, of course I´m the best!! :)


What kind of events you do? Can you travel to another continent?


I do all kind of events you can imagine ( corporate parties, annual meetings and banquets, hospitality suites, grand openings, trade shows, ...every kind of function imaginable ) Workshops, performing as solo entertainment... Live caricature  is specifically configured so I can easily fly with all equipment necessary to whatever city the event is held in. From Lisbon - Portugal to the opposite side of the Globe, if needed. Travel expenses are paid by the client


I live 10.000 km away from you, how do I get my portrait?


With Digital Painting, you receive in your email address. With physical materials you receive registered by traditional mail, or fast delivery mail at your door. Delivery expenses are paid by the client.


I need a large number of caricatures by photo. How long  do you take to draw them all?


Depends on the technique/material/surface, complexity ( background, objects, full body... ), size, urgency... One caricature ( head ):  from 3 minutes to One week.


Can I choose or imagine backgrounds for Digital Caricatures?


Yes,  I can create custom backgrounds to meet your needs. I have clients who want me to create a background that resume the life of a couple with a lot of objects, a background to promote a particular theme, a product ....


Do you paint family portraits in a single canvas?


Yes I can draw/paint  10m x 2m size canvas ( 10 or more full body portraits in a single canvas )


Performing live, how many caricatures you can do in one hour?


Depends on the quality of the caricature expected. Normally with charcoal/pencil/marker in A3 paper ( with some shadows and volumes ) 10 caricatures / hour With less quality 15-20 caricatures/ hour


Can we provide the paper you draw on?


Yes you can. Many clients wish to add a logo to the margin of the paper. You can have the paper printed and provide it at the event for the artist. Please use A3 paper ( minimum 120g/m2 )


Who owns the copyrights?


You only buy the original artwork, not the right to reproduce it for commercial purposes. For instance, if I create a caricature to be framed and presented as a gift, it can not end up on a magazine,  postcard, or web site. Rights to uses such as these can be arrange beforehand for an additional fee. Use of digital drawings of your face at events can be reprinted and used on social network sites such as Facebook. I reserve the right to use the artwork for marketing and advertising purposes.


Can you tell me the price of a portrait/caricature?


Depends on the technique/material/surface, complexity ( background, objects, full body, actions... ), size, urgency... Portrait in equal conditions is more expensive then caricature. Each job is unique and has different customization needed. I'll do everything I can to meet your budget requirements. Urgency requests, plus 25% of the inicial price. Contact me for detailed pricing.


Payment conditions?


Live 50% with the booking by bank transfer or paypal 50% on the event day. By photo 50% with the order by bank transfer or paypal. The sketch is done and sent to your approve. 50% after you saw one small image of the completed work and before sending the original by email or traditional mail.




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